Welcome to the Recovery Ways Tribe! Returning home from treatment is a challenging process and the goal of the Alumni Program is to assist you during the transition. We encourage you to use the tools that you have gained while in treatment, and the alumni team is a great resource to help you learn how to implement those tools. This is a guide on how to get and stay involved.

Your alumni coordinator will be reaching out to you once you complete treatment. You are also encouraged to reach out to them any time you are struggling or just want to say hi. The alumni team wants to support you in achieving the goals you set for yourself in treatment. We are not sponsors, we are peer mentors here to help you through the same path we have walked. If you can’t find a meeting, are having problems putting together a resume, celebrating a milestone, or having a baby, please call us! You are part of our tribe now, and we want support each other no matter where life takes us.

If you are staying in the Salt Lake area, we are constantly participating in activities that support our recovery and we would love for you to join! Throughout the week you can find us at these places.


Alumni Meeting

Monday night at 7:00pm
4848 S. Commerce Drive
Murray, UT 84105


Refuge Recovery Meetings

Wednesday nights at 7:00pm at Chatham Place

385 W. 4800 S.
Murray, UT 84123


Monthly Service Projects

Please see our calendar of events for dates


Friday Night Sports

Please contact Matt Mcbrier or see our calendar of events.


If you are out of state and want to stay connected we have a large community on social media, please let us know if you want to be added to this community! We would also love to see you at the alumni retreat or anytime you are passing through Salt Lake City. Let us know when you will be in town and we would love to have you come to an in-house meeting or speak on a panel, or just get together!