Meet Your Alumni Team

A Story Of Recoveries

Brianna Jones

Brianna has been working in the treatment industry for 8 years after her own recovery inspired her to help others. She has a passion for working with young adults and helping them realize that recovery is just the beginning of an exciting, productive life. She attending the Institute for Chemical Dependency Studies and is currently pursuing her higher education goals. Before joining the Recovery Ways team 5 years ago she worked as a sober companion and case manager, working closely with patients that struggled with co-occurring disorders and chronic relapse. Her experience as a sober companion is what made her realize that there was a large gap in care for patients leaving treatment and is what inspired her to become involved with alumni services. She strongly believes that treatment is just the beginning of the recovery journey and that one of the most beneficial parts of treatment is creating a community that can help support people after treatment.

Ekko Poster

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I played softball throughout my school years. I worked in the service industry for 20 years. But my passion is in helping others. I started working in a treatment facility almost 1 year ago. I enjoy hanging with my friends, playing sports and being with my 7 month old chaweenie named Koko.

Matthew McBrier

I was born and raised in Erie PA and moved out to Utah in 2011 to pursue my passions for outdoor recreational opportunities.   I’ve worked in the Treatment industry for 3 years and have moved throughout the industry working in different direct care positions.  I am a certified TRT in Recreational Therapy and enjoy helping patients find self efficacy through a more physical outlet.  I spend my time with my close friends and family and enjoy skiing, working out, and seeing live music.